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Peach Flowers Surf Tote

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If you want to be a minimal jetsetter that still has options, check out this new packable series of bags and accessories. The Surf tote is carefree, easy, lightweight and oh-so-cute. Whether you use it as a beach tote, a farmer's market bag, or a plain old grocery bag, you'll be toting your goods in style! Remember that the Surf tote zips up into itself - save space & check out the rest of our line of accessories in the Peach Flowers print.

Garment Features:
We love surprises, that's why, when you order this accessory, it will arrive in any of our Maajical prints
Good capacity
Adjustable strap
Center zipper
Inner zipper pocket
Assorted lining
Measurements: 18 x 29 inches
Soft Lightweight Fabric
Digital Printing
Made in Colombia

92% Polyester, 8% Spandex Woven